Weeknight dinner ideas to satisfy my hungry husband and picky preschooler, all while trying to keep it healthy and delicious

Weeknight Eats

If you’re looking for a fancy food blog, you’ve come to the wrong place…

You won’t find perfectly pictured food, original recipes or in-depth posts about how this food makes me feel. Just a review of the meals I’ve planned and prepared to satisfy my hungry husband and picky preschooler, all while trying to keep it healthy and delicious- and honestly, sometimes it’s take out.

Planning our meals and even grocery shopping is something I really enjoy! Anyone else?! And it’s even more fun with this pretty template I made to jot everything down in one place!

Meal planning template

I always plan our meals on Thursday which gives me plenty of time to make my grocery list and shop for ingredients. The shopping list above includes ALL of the ingredients needed for these meals.

Grab your own copy of this planner at the bottom of this post- but first, let’s dig in!

On Our Table This Week

This is a staple recipe in our house! I’ve tried a few Bolognese recipes, but this one is the BEST! Check it out at Made it. Ate it. Loved it!

Modifications I made: Swapped the 2 lb ground beef for 1 lb extra lean ground beef & 1 lb lean turkey sausage and I used 2% milk instead of cream.

I switch out the pasta I pair it with but this week we used the Fall Zucchette Pasta from Trader Joes. This Bolognese also tastes amazing with fresh pasta and if you are looking for a lower carb option, it’s great with spaghetti squash!

On Mondays, Charlotte has gymnastics in the evenings so I keep dinner SUPER simple- sometimes it’s take out or left overs. Rotisserie chicken can be a huge time saver!

Here’s a secret: I picked up the chicken on Sunday during my Costco run and stuck it in the fridge. When I was ready to serve it, I placed it in a baking dish with 1 cup of chicken broth, covered it with foil, and heated in the oven for 30ish minutes at 350.

Grilled pork harvest bowls

For me, a harvest bowl is a big bowl of meat, veggies, and nuts or seeds. This week we had grilled pork with butternut squash, brussel sprouts, roasted green apples, cauliflower rice, and almonds.

This is a great one for kids to help with! Charlotte loves to help decide which ingredients we include in our bowls- I may have vetoed her goldfish suggestion…

I love topping our harvest bowls with this Almond Butter Turmeric Salad Dressing from Trader Joes– if you haven’t tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it!

sausage and shrimp taco bowls

If you haven’t noticed, we do a lot of bowls in our house…they are so versatile! I have to give my husband Anthony credit for this meal- he brought home the shrimp and even cooked the dinner!

To create these, he filled bowls with mixed greens tossed in Bolthouse Farms Avocado Ranch dressing (my FAVORITE!), and topped it with sautéed onions & peppers, quinoa/rice blend, and grilled chicken apple sausage & shrimp.

Not pictured- the tortilla we used to actually make a taco from our taco bowl.

Cauliflower fried rice

This meal is contentious in our house- I LOVE it but it’s not Anthony’s favorite. For him to like it, I have to make his without cauliflower rice and well… Charlotte’s too. So basically, it’s cauliflower fried rice for me and regular fried rice for everyone else.

Either way, it’s so SIMPLE and packed with protein and veggies!

– Heat frozen veggies in a pan with your go-to oil

– Add egg whites/egg to cook

– Toss in rice and add 1-2 tsp sesame oil and 2-3 tbsp soy sauce

– Mix well and ENJOY! (I garnish mine with green onion and siracha)

Like I said, nothing fancy- just super simple, healthy, and delicious weeknight meals! Leave a comment below or connect with me on social media to let me know if you try out any of these or if you’ve got ideas to share with me!

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