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    How To Create an Organized Children’s Book Library

    Simple steps to create a home library that is organized and maintainable Like so many of you, I HIGHLY value the importance of reading. As a previous kindergarten teacher and a mom of three, I have a large collection of picture books at home for my kids. However, throughout the years, I never found an organizational system that REALLY worked. And because of that, my home library wasn’t getting utilized to its full potential because- if the books aren’t organized, they’re impossible to find at the right times. So, I created a new system for organizing our children’s books- a system that is simple and maintainable! This system encourages kids…

  • Tips and motivation for hitting your goals. Download your own copy of 6 strategies to hit your goals

    How To Hit Your Goals

    Are you still motivated and working towards those goals you set on January 1? As we rolled into 2021, most of us spent time reflecting on the previous year and set new goals- finding ways to level up for the new year. And if you know me, then you know that I love goals! But the truth is, goals are hard to stick to! You wont always be motivated, life gets in the way, and well… it’s just easier to live in your comfort zone. So, if motivation won’t always be there, what do we have to lean on….?! HABITS! “THE SECRET OF YOUR SUCCESS IS DETERMINED BY YOUR DAILY…