Watercolor Valentine Tags

Every year, Charlotte and I create her valentines together- one of my favorite traditions. This year, she wanted to share the love with one of her favorite foods- CEREAL! I mean, who doesn’t love cereal?

To create these, we used the same process as last year by incorporating Charlotte’s watercolor art. Below, I’ll show you how we put these together to make her play dough valentines! Don’t forget to grab your own copy of either version at the end of this post!

Watercolor art on cardstock for the background of the valentine tags

It’s important to me that Charlotte has a role in creating her valentines. She not only chose what kind of valentines she wants to share, but I also wanted to highlight her art in them as well. To do this, I invited her to watercolor paint a few cardstock pages. I originally thought about her only using valentine colors but she quickly vetoed that!

The printed tags using Charlotte's watercolor art

I created these valentine tags in PowerPoint and then used her watercolor pages as the paper to print them on. I have to say, I am so glad Charlotte vetoed my valentine colors only idea- these turned out SO beautiful!

The cut tags, ready to assemble with the play dough filled bags

Now on to assembly! We put a mini play dough and a play dough tool in each bag and then enclosed with small clear elastics- the same ones that I use with Charlotte’s hair. We hole punched the tags and then tied a simple knot around each bag- super easy!

play dough valentine bags ready to share

Here are the completed valentines! These were so much fun to make! We purchased the Play Dough at Target, the mini tools at The Dollar Tree, and I already had the watercolor paint, clear bags, and ribbon. You can grab all the supplies by following these included links!

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