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How To Hit Your Goals

Are you still motivated and working towards those goals you set on January 1?

As we rolled into 2021, most of us spent time reflecting on the previous year and set new goals- finding ways to level up for the new year. And if you know me, then you know that I love goals! But the truth is, goals are hard to stick to!

You wont always be motivated, life gets in the way, and well… it’s just easier to live in your comfort zone. So, if motivation won’t always be there, what do we have to lean on….?! HABITS!


So think about your goals and think about how you are spending your days? Is your daily agenda getting you closer to your goals? What habits or disciplines can you adopt?

Words are powerful! Starting your day with gratitude and positive self-talk will have lasting effects on your mindset

Let me tell you, I have had my fair share of set backs. For YEARS I struggled to make consistent progress. I’d experience some success, get comfortable, and slip back into my regular routines. Sound familiar?

We all experience set backs. I am no different or better than any one else. But then, I realized that my success was my choice.

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One day, I finally made the decision to not quit on myself. I wasn’t going to stop when I got uncomfortable or when it got hard and I wasn’t going to make excuses. I didn’t always feel motivated; I was disciplined. I made a plan, created habits and stuck to it.

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1 month postpartum to 8 months postpartum with the twins. Consistency over time will get you results. The important piece to question is, what are you doing consistently?

I know how hard and frustrating it can be to spin your wheels and not get the results you want, so lets dig in!

Here are 6 strategies to help you finally hit those goals

Celebrate where you’re at!

Always, always, always, start with your strengths! What are you already doing well? Where are you winning? What is working? It is so much harder to get motivated if you start in a deficit mindset. Acknowledge where you are being successful and build on that!

Have a plan

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying- “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Sounds harsh, but it’s true. You will not accidently achieve your goals. You must be intentional, purposeful, and have a plan. So, take the time and plan it all out! Your meals, snacks, when you’ll workout, what you’re going to train, how you will spend your morning, when you will grocery shop, etc.

Be prepared

Once your week is planned, it’s time to do the prep! Have a water bottle filled and ready at the start of each day. Prep snacks and lunches to start so you’re less tempted to grab something that doesn’t fit your goals.

Be realistic

Don’t create more issues with restrictions. If you have a sweet tooth, plan for a daily treat. Not currently working out? Start with a goal of getting in 2 workouts a week or a daily walk! You will build momentum the more success you have- so keep it realistic!

Get support

Partner with someone to check in with frequently! A friend, family member, join a community, hire a coach. Having someone to set goals, reflect, celebrate, plan and problem solve with is so powerful! It will not only be supportive but also hold you accountable!

Be positivity focused

Striving for perfection will only leave you frustrated and feeling unsuccessful. Instead of focusing on where you fell short or experienced weakness, start by highlighting where you won! What did you do really well? Celebrate yourself and every tiny victory. The more you feel successful, the more you will be successful!!

The bottom line

We don’t decide our future, we decide our habits and our habits decide our future. When you live intentionally and do it consistently over time it can make a huge difference in your life! But first and foremost, love yourself! You’ve got this!

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