I'm sharing some of our favorite February activities and books for kids to celebrate Black History month and Valentine's Day!

Fun February Activities and Books for Kids

It’s February and we are digging into Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. I’m sharing some fun February activities and books we’ll be playing with!

We LOVE books in our house, but nobody as much as my daughter Charlotte. This girl will sit and “read” books for hours each day! We will read and re-read books so many times and we always find something new to question, explore, or even laugh about!

Charlotte reading thematic books in our play room reading corner

There are several reading spots in our house where books are rotated often, but thematic books are typically displayed on these floating shelves in our play room. This month, our thematic books include topics on Black History, Valentine’s Day, and kindness.

Our thematic books displayed on floating shelves in the play room
Favorite February Books

I LOVE getting new books- anyone else?! Every year, I add a few new titles to our collection.

This year, we added: Have You Thanked an Inventor Today by: Patrice McLaurin, The Biggest Valentine Ever by: Steven Kroll & Jeni Bassett, and Most Loved in All the World by: Tonya Cherie Hegamin and Cozbi Cabrera.

These titles join some much loved books already in our February collection. Check out some of our favorites below and click the book to get more details.

I can’t wait to dive into these books over and over again! What are some of your family’s favorite books for February?

Fun february activities

Charlotte is in Pre-K every day, but when she gets home, I like to have some type of activity planned for her. This could be something we do together or something she works with independently.

I try to plan our month, week-by-week, in advance so we have an activity for each day- even if it’s something small. Sometimes it’s a library visit, a trip to the park, baking something sweet, reading & questioning a book together, going on a scavenger hunt, or an art project- but it’s something.

Art Tray with a variety of materials to decorate a valentine mailbox

Invitation To Create- Mailbox: We found a blank shoebox-style mailbox at Target and I immediately saw this activity come together!

I put together an art tray with a variety of materials and then wrote the activity description on sentence strips. I also used these picture/word cards from PreKinders.com so Charlotte could read the keyword independently.

our blank valentine mailbox ready to decorate
Charlotte's decorated mailbox

the set up for the invitation to create valentines activity

Invitation To Create- Valentines: Similar to the “create your own mailbox” activity, I utilized the same art supply tray, but added an additional tray with family name cards, envelopes, and blank post cards. I also changed out the tag to describe the activity.

Charlotte uses this station to make cards for friends and family. She can then place them in the mailbox she decorated until we deliver them on Valentine’s day!

Charlotte creating valentines

Heart stamping with paint and cookie cutters

Heart Stamping: We filled blank pages with colorful heart collages using heart shaped cookie cutters and assorted valentine colors. We will then use these pages to make valentines for friends and family.

Love Links: If you’ve followed me on social media, this probably looks familiar- we did something similar during October, but with Halloween colors.

You’ll Need: Several strips of valentine colored paper, glue, and a marker.

The Idea: When ANYONE sees someone else showing kindness or making positive choices, they can give them a strip of paper. It helps reinforce the positive behavior when you write it down. These are collected and linked together into a chain.

It is SO powerful for young kids to have a visual for their positive choices.

Exploring black inventors activity

Exploring Black Inventors: I am so excited to try out these activities from No Time For Flash Cards.- and it will pair perfectly with our new book, Have You Thanked an Inventor Today?

chocolate play doh activity

Easy No Cook Chocolate Play Dough: When I found this activity, I knew I wanted to try it! Who wouldn’t want to?! Head to Left Brain Craft Brain to get all the details on making this chocolate you can play with!

painting to jazz activity

Painting to Music: I appreciate how this activity from What Can We Do With Paper and Glue combines music and painting by having kids paint what they hear. Its also an engaging way to learn about an incredible Black musician, Louis Armstrong.

M&M sugar cookie bars

M&M Sugar Cookie Bars: Charlotte and I make these often throughout the year because they are just so dang simple and DELICIOUS! Its prepared with a bag of sugar cookie mix so anyone can tackle this sweet treat! Head over to The Rebel Chick to get all the yummy details!

heart symmetry activity

Heart Symmetry Painting: This activity idea from Artful Parent is great because I can combine so many elements! I can teach Charlotte how to fold a paper in half to make a heart, we can work on her scissor skills to cut the hearts out, and learn about symmetry. BONUS- these will make the cutest cards for her teachers!

funfetti cupcakes

Valentine Funfetti Cupcakes: Charlotte’s ONE request was- valentine sprinkle cupcakes. Honestly, I haven’t made cupcakes since….. well, I can’t recall. SO I’m really looking forward to mixing these up with her. For this baking project, we will be using a box of Pillsbury Valentine Funfetti mix, some homemade buttercream and ALL the sprinkles (lol)!

Phew, well… there it is. We might not get to all of it but at least I have a plan!

I have so much fun finding new books, activities & recipes- I can’t wait to try these! Follow along with me on social media to see how these turn out!

AND if you’re looking for a cute idea for valentines….check out our Valentine Play Dough Tags!

Let me know in the comments if you try any of these activities. I’d love to hear or see how they turn out!

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