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    How To Create an Organized Children’s Book Library

    Simple steps to create a home library that is organized and maintainable Like so many of you, I HIGHLY value the importance of reading. As a previous kindergarten teacher and a mom of three, I have a large collection of picture books at home for my kids. However, throughout the years, I never found an organizational system that REALLY worked. And because of that, my home library wasn’t getting utilized to its full potential because- if the books aren’t organized, they’re impossible to find at the right times. So, I created a new system for organizing our children’s books- a system that is simple and maintainable! This system encourages kids…


    Watercolor Valentine Tags

    Every year, Charlotte and I create her valentines together- one of my favorite traditions. This year, she wanted to share the love with one of her favorite foods- CEREAL! I mean, who doesn’t love cereal? To create these, we used the same process as last year by incorporating Charlotte’s watercolor art. Below, I’ll show you how we put these together to make her play dough valentines! Don’t forget to grab your own copy of either version at the end of this post! It’s important to me that Charlotte has a role in creating her valentines. She not only chose what kind of valentines she wants to share, but I also…

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    Sweet Summertime

    I feel like summer came and went in the blink of an eye! Anyone else?! I still feel like we had a full summer with a good balance of adventure and relaxation. Here’s what we’ve been up to: I guess the biggest update would be that we BOUGHT A HOUSE! We had been renting in Rockwall since we moved to Texas last summer but in April, we finally found a place we could make ours! Anthony’s vision has always been to have a place that feels like we are on vacation. And that’s exactly what we found. Shortly after we moved in, we actually got offered a spot on a…

  • our nicu diary
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    Our NICU Diary

    On April 14th 2020, at 27 weeks, I gave birth to identical twin boys. Weighing only 2lbs and severely pre-mature, they spent the next three months in the NICU. They were, and still are, INCREDIBLY strong! Now, a year later, I’m sharing our NICU diary and celebrating with with so much GRATITUDE! After a few back and forth visits to labor and delivery with pain that felt like contractions, I was FINALLY admitted into the hospital. The contractions that were originally diagnosed as Braxton Hicks, were now signaling labor and my cervix had started dilating. The team of doctors started me on a regimen to support the babies and give…

  • I'm sharing some of our favorite February activities and books for kids to celebrate Black History month and Valentine's Day!

    Fun February Activities and Books for Kids

    It’s February and we are digging into Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. I’m sharing some fun February activities and books we’ll be playing with! We LOVE books in our house, but nobody as much as my daughter Charlotte. This girl will sit and “read” books for hours each day! We will read and re-read books so many times and we always find something new to question, explore, or even laugh about! There are several reading spots in our house where books are rotated often, but thematic books are typically displayed on these floating shelves in our play room. This month, our thematic books include topics on Black History, Valentine’s…